My name is Rian Mark Nielsen and I am the proofreader/translator behind MarkMyWords. Before I became a freelancer, I worked for several years in communications.


I have a Master’s degree in English and a minor degree in Film and Media Studies, both from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I also hold the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Target Language Services in São Paulo, Brazil.

Work Experience

Working in communications included a variety of tasks:

  • Database Manager
    (CVs and photos)
  • Recruitment Assistant
    (communication and correspondence)
  • Course Coordinator
    (booking, evaluation, material design)
  • HR Assistant
    (translation, copy editing, proofreading)
  • Communications Officer
    (web editor, content creation, photographer, photo editor)

Volunteer Work

Sale proceeds from the Raise Up! books will go towards various good causes.

I do different kinds of volunteer work, broadening my horizon and honing my skills while contributing to important causes.

Volunteer work includes proofreading multi-level coursebooks for Raise Up!, which is a collaborative effort to improve diversity and inclusion in international English language teaching materials.

I also proofread and translate articles for HeartCore, the official Copenhagen Pride Magazine.

Spare Time

Most of what I do for a living happens in cyberspace and headspace. I appreciate the physicality of things, so in whatever spare time I have left, I enjoy DIYing, fixing, repairing, recycling, upcycling, renovating, gardening, etc.

In a world where things aren’t built for permanence or to last, I enjoy pairing sustainability with creativity. The outcome is unique and more environmentally friendly than purchasing new (and generic) products.

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